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It was great talking to you. We should have followed your lead,we were tring to get out before the rain but didn't make it.Abrams was nice because it was so secluded and the fish were a little bigger,but i think that stretch of lynn camp was my favorite place to fish. I don't know what it was about it but I really liked it. Felt like if I did everything right,there was a fish behind every rock!!!! With the job I have and the job my wife has it's hard to plan a trip. we ussally decide we can go a couple of days before. But the next chance I get I'll let you know and maybe you can give me some tips. When my wife and kids come I try to get in a morn.trip or two. This last time me and abuddy went and we got to fish three days strait. I'm afraid this fishing stuff is going to be hard on my marriage. Good thing i got a great wife who enjoys the outdoors!!!! Have fun and don't cacth them all.
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