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Default Re: Delayed Harvest on the Little River

I'll throw in my probably unpopular opinion. Generally, I'm not fond of fishing for stocked fish. Little River is already a pretty good river. When you put a bunch of stockers in there, they compete, and to some extent, will adversely affect the wild population. The idea of fishing for stockers seems to me like fishing at the hatchery. I've seen times on the North Fork Mills River in NC where there were so many large, stupid brookies that you could have just started grabbing them with your hands and throwing them into your pickup truck. Fishing for those makes me feel like I've picked up a prostitute.

Not that I'm against all stocking. For tailwaters where the natural flow and natural warm-warmwater fishery have been destroyed, making an artifical put-and-take fishery may be the only way to make good on a bad situation. I do like the idea of DH for some rivers, namely those with extremely heavy pressure (like Gatlinburg), and for those with marginal trout habitat anyway. Stocking fish is not something to ever be done lightly.

Now, if we are talking strictly about DH, without the usual stocking, then I would be all for that. But I am not aware that it has even been done that way anywhere around the Smokies. Anyone else know?

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