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Default Re: Delayed Harvest on the Little River


They already stock this area. We are not talking about stocking the Park. What we are proposing is that TWRA put a DH designation on the LR through Townsend during the cooler months. There are a lot of advantages to stocking. More fish in the river, good way to get new fishermen envolved because of catch rates (kids), more money for the town, etc. Another thing of note, the Little River through Townsend is marginal, warming to fatal levels in the summer. Rivers such as this are the reason many DH waters exist (like pmike pointed out.) And some, like the Nantahala DH, bring in much wanted business in an otherwise dead part of the year.

Keep this in mind, we wouldn't have any browns or 'bows in the Park without the stocking efforts way back when.
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