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Default Re: A little bummed

Both my son and I have Clearwater series outfits. He broke his last summer. When I checked into it, I was told that they both had lifetime, unconditional warranties. In fact, I still have the original warranty card and it states very clearly that should it ever break - for any reason - they will replace it. So I had his shipped back to Orvis and they sent a brand spanking new rod back about four weeks later. I only had to pay for shipping. The only negative thing in the whole deal was that Orvis sent him a completely new rod. I know... sounds like a good thing, not a bad thing. But we bought our rods about three years ago and we both feel they were of better manufacture than the current Clearwater rod - something about the new UV coating, maybe? Anyway, it can't hurt to send yours back.

As to the "perfect size", well, that's very subjective. My rod is the 7'9" 5 wt. full-flex Clearwater and my son's rod is the 9' 5wt. mid-flex Clearwater. Most days I feel my rod is the smarter choice for these small mountain streams. But other days I wish I had that additional length. I think I've finally figured out what it is. For dry flys, the 7'9" is more than enough rod for every stream conditon I've encountered. But for nymphing, I'd really like to have that extra foot or so. It would greatly help for Byron's "high-sticking".

Good luck with Orvis.

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