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Default Re: Late August fishing


If I were you, I would stay in Blue Ridge and fish the Toccoa and Hiwassee. Or, stay in Reliance and do the same. You could rent a canoe for the Toccoa if you don't have anything to float it with. There's around 16 miles of water between the dam and McCaysville. You could really get to know this water in 3-4 days.

A good portion of the Hiwassee is wadable on high water but you have to know where. A good site for that info would be Don Denny runs/owns the site and he's a great guy that can help you with that and many other things on the Hi.

I agree, the Clinch can be incredible but you will most likely need a drift boat or something similar to fish it effectively. Even with the water down, access is limited to the upper few miles and down near 61.
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