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Default Re: Late August fishing

Strictly wading, I would still recommend these two tailraces. Go visit Don's Hiwassee site to find out the good high water wade sites and go in Reliance Fly and Tackle for the latest fly recommendations. Take a wading staff with you if you have one. You will need to wear a PFD, also.

As far as the Toccoa, you probably know where to access the river but you probably don't know about this. You can park at the RR tracks on Curtis Switch road and access the river upstream of there. The tracks parallel the river for several miles upstream. You can also park at the TVA canoe launch downstream of Curtis Switch and access the RR tracks from there. You'll have to wade across the river to get to them. If you use the railroad tracks, you will be able to access miles of river that are otherwise off limits.

If you need more particulars just shoot me a PM.
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