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First things first. If you're camping at Elkmont, you can get warmed up by hiking up the Little River trail right out of Elkmont and fish your way up to about 4,000 feet (Brook territory)or cut off onto Fish Camp Prong on the Goshen Prong trail and hunt down some bows and brooks. Just watch for postings about bear activity.

Then, when you head over to LeConte, look for the Alum Cave trail. You'll have access to Alum Cave Creek and you'll be at Brookie altitude.

If you're serious about "the shoe" plan a day trip and go with a "buddy". It's hard to visualize from a map, but when the trail leaves the creek, it LEAVES the creek. If you stay on the trail, you can hear the creek off to your left and the volume gradually drops off to near nothing and then cranks up again as you get closer to the other end of the shoe. If you get in the creek where it leaves the trail, you've commited yourself to a fairly hard slog over and around some challenging obstacles. It's fishable and the fish are gorgeous, but it'll wear you out.

Finally, take Byron's words of advice to heart. By mid-August these fish spook very, very easily. Remember, they've been putting up with the same tourists/swimmers/tubers that we have for the last three months. Wear clothing to blend in with your surroundings, stay low, and use the environment for cover. The waters will be low but still fishable in the higher elevations.

Earthwalk Press puts out a great trail/topo map on the Park which is avalable locally, and LRO stocks the National Geographic Trails Illustrated Map.

Good luck and be safe!

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