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Default Re: Late August fishing

we fished alot up around the generating house and down the railroad tracks from there.i always think if the weathers hot,more fish will be more active close to the tailwaters(dam or discharge area)might be more stockers but they`re fish.also,`ve learned thats usually a good area to start at a new place.if you take things slow and watch what you are doing(be safe)wading is fine.youmight not get to fish where you want,but you can find ways to places.we also walked up the tracks from hiwassee outfitters and fished some.from the discharge,you can fish down to the bend in the river at alot of areas.the grass beds in that area hold alot of fish,you have to make yourself fish the swift water(short cast and highsticking)its fun if you will do it.we wade fish only as of right now.i`ve only learned to trout fish going on my fourth year and this is my brothers 3rd year.gotta get back to work for now....
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