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Yeeesh!! You guys are scarin' me! Better to be that way, though, than not respect the potential problems that could be out in front of us.

We'll be fishing the "shoe" the last weekend in September. I'm going to take ya'lls advice and fish the Little River Trail on Friday. I've fished that before, but I want to get on up a little higher this time. We'll fish the "shoe" on Saturday...make it all day event, providing we can get in there before 10:00 am. I've been on tha loop before with all the tourists and it can drive you nuts (I'd love to put on a bear suit and ramble out in one of those pastures about 200 - 300 yards from the road . When all those nuts get out of their cars and start running toward me, stand up and wave and run off. Anyway, I digress!). We'll have about 10 people on the "shoe" - spread 'em out and work it from there.

Not to join in your heresy, but if things didn't work out for the "shoe", what would be a comparable place to fish? We'll be fishing all day Saturday and then Sunday morning. We could go to a variety of places if need be.

Any advice is greatly appreciated. We want to make this a great trip for all the guys going.
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