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Default Re: Small Streams in Yellowstone


Yes and yes. The Park manages this situation pretty well though. MANY of the small streams are off limits during the cutthroat run, because bears will be all over those creeks.

Some areas have many more bears than others. Good habits involve bringing bear spray, a buddy, and bells. And keep all your stuff, like a backpack, within arm's length of your feet. A ranger got all over us 2 years ago because we left a backpack on the ground about 40 feet away. He explained that the campsite 100 yards from us had been demolished the day before by a grizzly. He was nice enough not to write us a ticket.

I've not yet encountered a grizzly, in about 20 fishing days over the last 10 years in YStone. But I did walk right up on a black bear, who seemed to have known I was there for a while, because he didn't seem alarmed at all. I stopped, and he got off the trail, walked a semi-circle about 15 yards around us, rejoined the trail, and went on his way, without ever even looking directly at us.
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