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Default Re: Best rod length for fishing in the Smokies

Have to go with 8'6". Long enough for high sticking but not too long for most canopies. In the Park, I primarily fish a 8'6" 4wt 4 piece TFO Pro series. I love that rod for the Park. Not great for streamers, but I only throw them after a real good rain. I'll use a 9' 5wt. Sage for that. Back to the TFO - if the need arises for something shorter than 8'6", I just break it down and fish with what sections I need. Good weight and length for dry/dropper, double nymph, or plain old dry fly fishing, my favorite (if they're hitting). I was suprised with the extra freedom felt while casting a rod only 6" shorter than what I was used to. This length in the Park seems to be very user friendly. Thanks for a good topic.
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