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Here's my 'shoe story:

12 years ago I was a college student and bugged my roommate into going with me to Abrams. I had studied a map of Abrams and figured we could get away from other anglers in an area that looked like it horseshoed off the main trail. I didn't realize that it is practically a small mountain inside that horseshoe, making it very difficult to get back to the trail until you have completed the horseshoe circuit. I had fished Abrams before and thought this would be a piece of cake.

Gosh was I wrong. If you catch it on the wrong day, those rocks can be SOOOOO slick. And often at those weird, break-your-ankle angles. And my roomy didn't have felt. Luckily, he was a football player, so he was robust. That was a good thing, because well fell about a hundred times each. I am not kidding. It went over our waders several times. I don't think everyone was big into wading staffs back then. We certainly weren't.

It started getting dark. No sign of the trail. Where could it be? We kept slip-slide-falling our way up the creek. The sky was a pretty deep purple before I caught sight of the trail. We walked out in the dark and had to explain ourselves to the ranger (hrm... I just posted another story earlier about "explaining" things to rangers...) because you aren't supposed to be fishing after dark.

Anyway, the fishing is often pretty good there! I haven't fished Abrams much in the last few years, but I don't think it ever gets nearly as slick as it used to, now that cows aren't in it any more.
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