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Default Re: Caney Fork Redneck

i have my own redneck story too.
i was fishing avery productive run in one of my special places on the caney, when a canoe comes around the bend.they see me catch one or two before they got there, and when they did they dropped an anchor right on the other side of it oblivious to the trout scattering every which way some between my legs. the first thing they did was drop two poles baited with bright green powerbait into the water below them an d reach into the cooler and pull out two cans of Pabst blue ribbon out. the whole time ive been standing there with my jaw dropped down to my waist. if it hadnt been a sunday afternoon i believe i would said some words to the two guys. but i just waded on down to the next pool and caught a few fish when out of the corner of my eye i see the canoe come floating down. when one of the guys asked"whater they bitin on" i did the best i could a and said "a gold ribbed parachute female blue winged adams"(dont know how i came up with that). the guy that asked said "jimmy dont believe we got one a those" and jimmy said "nope dont believe we do."
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