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Default Re: Crayfish fishin'

i live on the stones river in in lascassas(right outside of murfreesboro).its not the best smallmouth fishing in tennessee nor is it catching 5-6 pounders but it is great for smallies 1-3 pounds. i use a 5-wt 7.5 rod and that takes care of fishing with crawfish. if there is a pretty good current put enough split shot on to get it down, and cast right on the other side of the current and strip 1-2 times. (you will often get a strike when its sinking or when you strip it.) if you dont let it swing down and out strip it again 1-2 times.if you dont get a strike here take a step down and do the same thing.

in none or really slow current put split shot on to sink it quickly and cast tight to struscture. if its hot short quick 3-4 in. strips often work best. in early morning or late afternoon i use long slow 1 foot strips. But it is really just finding what the smallies want and the more experience you get the easier it is.

As for patterns i dont know because i use my own,but before i tied a clousers crayfish was my favorite.hope this helps.

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