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Default Re: First Time on Clinch this Saturday

Jim, TVA has been generating hard for several days. *Looks like they are taking a break after midnight tonight, and picking back up at 8 AM tomorrow morning. *Chances of getting much fishing in Saturday may be pretty small. *Be sure to check TVAs website tomorrow afternoon. *If the water is coming on early after being off for a few hours, you probably should try to fish down behind the jail. *At least there you should be able to fish until 3-4 hours after the water comes on. *Still need to keep an eye out and have an escape route, because three generators is a lot of water.

When the water was down, I did best near the weir dam on small (#16) dry flies in light colors. *Midges work also size 20 and smaller.

Some of those "bubbas" are good guys who bought licenses as well. *I've found that 95% of them are polite and respect your space. *We need to do the same for them. *

Be careful and I hope TVA cooperates with you.
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