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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

I have not kept up with these as I had planned, but was over on Snowbird last weekend and fished Saturday and Sunday. Where I fished I did not see another angler either day. Fishing was decent for mostly smaller fish. I sat with the lantern on for a little while Friday night and saw tiny caddis and stoneflies. Not one mayfly. Caddis were cream (20's?) and the Stones were yellow and small 16's water is low and clear. I caught fish on small bh hare's ears and small Elk Hair Caddis with yellow body. Probably caught more fish on a beetle or ant dry than any other though and on one stretch with a 100 yard grass bank I should have tried a hopper! I did manage several browns on the beetles and ants which were hanging out under overhanging branches even though it was sunny. I did go down to 5x (something I really rarely do). No big fish, but a couple in the 12" range and did break off one on the hook set and did see a couple of others (bigger fish) that were just too weary for my offerings in the skinny water.
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