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Default Re: Ran the gauntlet...

Good report Jeremy, I've been wondering how the water temps were doing on Abrams Creek because I haven't fished it in a few weeks. It sounds a little better than I thought it might be. Thanks for sharing the trip with us. I don't mean to try to steal your thread, but just rather add a little to it about the water in the Park right now. I had to run over to LROs on Friday and I decided to fish for a little while in the East Prong of Little River. I have been wondering how the water temp was affecting the fish in the area between Elkmont and Metcalf Bottoms. In the area that I fished, it felt to the hand, like it was about 64-65 degrees. I also fished with a nymph and a SMBBSH. I only fished a stretch about 200yards long and I managed to catch about a dozen fish even in the middle of the day. Like you mentioned in your thread, most were caught in riffle water, right where you would expect them to be at this time of the year. Quick fast releases were the order of the day. The area seemed to have gotten some good rain yesterday evening. Let's hope we get some more throughout the Valley real soon.
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Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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