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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Yes, it sounds like you turned on 143 (skyway) off 129, or maybe you went all the way into Robbinsville? In either case you would have ended up following Snowbird for about two or three miles from the Dr. Nettie C Parrot Bridge. Snowbird actually has between 12 and 14 miles of road access water. I haven't hiked all the way through the backcountry but there must be another 7 and possibly as much as another 12 miles of water up there. The creek is still surprisingly large as far as 5 miles into the back country and some impressive waterfalls, which keep the brookies safe.

Anyway there are trout all the way to Santeelah except in the hottest summers, when some of them drop down into the lake. I have heard of some monsters being caught on the lower section where you drove along the creek, particularly in the evenings. These are fish which move up out of the lake to feed on the small fish which manage to to get out of the trout farm on that stretch of the creek.
Anyway I am rambling, give it a shot sometime, now you know it really isnt very far. In the fall there are lake run browns and in winter lake run rainbows. I got one last winter that went about 8 lbs! (Can forward a pic with you email, dont know how to post pics to this site) I may never catch another that size, but you never know, and I have heard of larger fish. I catch alot of fish in the 16 to 19 inch range in the December thru February quarter. In the midday to late afternoon period I have caught as many as 4 - 16-20" fish. Pretty rare 0n Southern Appalachian trout streams! As Harry Middleton's character Arby Mulligan ( On the Spine of Time) said; "The fish are here, where are you?" You may not be a Middleton fan.
I don't get over during the week often, but you will have most of it to yourself if you go! I am there alot of weekends, if you want to fish sometime on a weekend just shoot me an email.
Tight lines,
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