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Regarding the litter... it was pretty awful. I'm constantly amazed at just how stupid some people can be!

Regarding the surprise bow ... the funny thing was that we were convinced it really was a lunker Brookie. We had been watching two Brookies in a particularly clear pool about 10' below a small plunge fall. They were just drifting back and forth in their respective feeding lanes and not rising to anything. My son was rolling his casts right in front of them and getting good drifts with a small yellow stone when he got slammed on his second cast. I just sat back and watched the tussel, convinced that one of the Brookies had hit it.

I believe we're gonna give it another go this weekend!

BTW There is one thing I forgot to mention. I thought it was odd that, with everything that was hatching up there all morning long, we got the most activity on ants - either foam or fur with hot red indicators in sizes 14 thru 18.

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