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Phoneman, depending on which direction you will be coming from will be the determining factor as to how to get to Cataloochee. Let's say you are coming from Tenn. on I-40. You will take the Maggie Valley exit to the right. Just as you are ending the exit ramp you will turn again to the right and follow the signs to Cataloochee Cove. This will require you to make one turn to the left about 1/2-3/4 mi.? down the road and stay to the right on the rest of the way up the mountain. After getting back to the bottom of the mountain on the other side and in the Cove, you will bear to the left and it will bring you to the campground. From this point on you will come to several different hiking trails that are located all thru the Cove. Many of them are good and several are horse trails, so be prepared for this. Take plenty of supplies with you because it's a long way in and out to a store.
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Hugh Hartsell---East Tenn.
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