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Default Re: Green Weenie Wonderland!


I'm glad you had a good time. Nymphing up high is not exactly beginners fishing. I usually fish nymphs without strike indicators and that's what I did today on Clinch. I got to the river at about noon and had a small bump immediately. I caught one 12" bow after about a half hour and then everything went dead. Two other fishmermen in the vicinity didn't do to good either. I switched to a small black midge size 20 and immediately ripped a better size fish. Of course he didn't take again. I decided to call it quits since it was getting hot and it was past 3 pm anyway, the water was to come up shortly. I talked to one fly fisherman who had caught about 6 bow's in the run upstream of me. He caught them on wooly buggers. Go figure! He had a couple that looked to be about 14" or so. Can't wait until I can go to the big HI. Be ready Kevin for some completely different type of fishing. Work on that nymphing because that is what you are going to be doing more on lower elevation streams and tailwaters. See ya.
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