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Default Re: Catch and Release or...

While I think the regulation agencies in general do a good job of setting creel limits to protect these resources, if everyone took home limits everytime they went fishing, we would soon be in same situation we found ourselves in not long ago. Too few fish. *:-/ I can remember seeing in wonderment the old balck and white photos of fishing trips with creels hung up as long as close lines. No wonder the fishing died off. *
The only advice I would be to tell your friend Mark to take only what he will eat for dinner that night. * While there's definitely nothing wrong with releasing a few fish into the frying pan, trout are definitely not good as leftovers, and don't fair to well in the freezer. If you're lookin to fill the freezer, go to Alaska and fish for Halibut. * My favorite eat'n !!! *:P Specially the cheeks !!! :P
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