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Default Re: Catch and Release or...


As I told you before, there's no harm in taking out fish from the park. The problem is like one previous poster said, if we only take the bigger ones it will temporarily hurt the fishing. In theory though, If you take a big one out soon a smaller fish will occupy it's lie and thereby grow and become the next big one. This topic has been brought up numerous times on this board and others and everyone has their opinion as well as I do. I don't think the brook trout suffered so much from those people with stringers full as much as they were hurt by logging and competition from non native fish. I really believe some harvest is good overall. The reason I don't take any home is the fact that I don't carry ice and my trip home is usually two hours plus. Imagine the fish after that kind of transportation. Anyway, don't feel bad about taking a fish now and then especially if it is a rainbow. I practice another funny peculiar thing while I'm fishing, You might not have picked up on it, but I always put the bow in one pool lower than where he came from, the brook trout always go back where he came from. I'm not about to help the rainbow crowding out the brookie. I doubt it makes any difference but I like to help the brookie if I can.

Now for something different, Are you up for some fishing this weekend? Pm or call, I got some new haunts in mind.
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