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Default Re: norris dam/clinch river release times...

well, I'm no expert on Clinch and you might have to go to Rockyraccons's board, can't remember the URL but do a search in google. on East TN Flyfishing Rocky Racoon or something like that and you should be able to find that board. There are a lot of Clinch river experts on that board. I do fish Clinch as a backup when the mountain streams are blown out or when I don't have enough time to get up there. Clinch is technical at times and sometimes you can catch a lot of stockers on bh nymphs. In late season the river tends to fish better with small midges. Zebra midges, small copper john's etc. I'm talking size 20 and 22 with 6x tippet. In the spring and early summer I fish it with bigger bh's like Prince in size 12 or 14. The people that know how to fish Clinch will catch good size fish and a lot of em' people like me who are really mountain fishermen have hit and miss fishing due to the fact that Clinch asks more out of you than a mountain stream does. Hope this helps and remember other people know a whole lot more about Clinch than I do.
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