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Default Re: norris dam/clinch river release times...


Long time no see. Haven't seen you since that rainy day at Metcalf Bottoms around mid Spring, how've you been?

Concerning the Clinch, try using a zug bug if nothing else will work for you. I fished over there just below the dam in late spring and didn't do very well, but a dude up stream was throwing the zb's and catching a few. May work this time of year, I don't know. Also, try to find a spot where a good deal of water is funneled into a nice run with a little depth. Those areas have produced better size fish for me than your average riffle or shallow run. The riffles will hold some decent size fish, though, so don't overlook them if you can find one that's not prarie dogged.

Good luck and let's hit the park sometime.
Bryon H.
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