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Default Re: Yellowstone Trip

It's been awhile since I've posted on the board. *Thieves broke into my apartment and stole my computer and quite a few other things (thankfully none of my fly fishing gear). *Makes it difficult to keep up with the various forums I like to visit and maintain my own website when I don't even have a computer.

Any way, we got back from our Yellowstone trip a couple of weeks ago and I thought I'd give a report. *Seven of us went out there. *We combined fishing with sight seeing. *I didn't get to fish as much as I would have liked, but I still had a great time and can't wait to get back. *Much of my time was spent teaching some others in the group how to cast and such. *I enjoyed the teaching but must admit that it was killing me a few times, the itch to fish very nearly overcoming all rational thought. *It was worth it when several in the group caught their first trout.

We started on the Upper Gibbon and caught lots of little brook trout. *Next day we hit the Yellowstone River near Buffalo Ford. *I saw one rising fish all day. *I did manage to draw a strike from him, but missed on the hookset. *This fish looked enormous! *Couldn't draw another strike. *The populations are really down in the river. *It was a little depressing, but the scenery couldn't help but lift your spirits. *The next day we hit the Lower Meadows of Slough Creek where I caught my first cutt throat after a struggle to figure out what the fish wanted. *It was a fat 17 inch fish that hit a large beetle pattern. *That evening we hit the Lamar and caught several in the 16-17" range. *I had a real "hawg" break my tippet after a long fight here. *To be honest I was surprised at how easily those Lamar fish rose to our flies. *Pretty naive compared to a 9" rainbow on the Little River...or maybe they just love my beetle pattern. *Fishing was so good on the Lamar that we ended the fishing portion of our trip there the next day, catching and missing several more fish.

We also managed to hit Yellowstone Lake and the Blacktail Deer Ponds (the wind was incredible at the ponds, making casting almost a joke) for a few minutes each with no luck. *We stayed at Canyon Campground, and it was surprisingly nice considering how many people use it. *The showers there were excellent after a few days without bathing. *The sights on this road trip were great. *We hit Badlands, Wall Drug, Mount Rushmore, Little Bighorn Battlefield, lots of Yellowstone attractions, Grand Teton, and a whole lot of prairie (I understand prairie madness now). *This was a real suicide run of a road trip. *We covered about 4300 miles in 9 days. *It was great fun, but I'd like to spend more time in the park fishing next year. *The scenery, fishing, weather, and experience were beyond what I had imagined. *There's so much more I could write, but this post is already running long. *Thanks for all the great advice. *I wish we could have experienced all the waters mentioned. *I really hate being back at work,

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