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Default Re: Paint Rock River

My memory as to the exact features is fading a little. This happened a couple months ago. I don't remember bumps on their heads, but there could have been.

I am familiar with the freshwater drum. You can catch really large ones out of Guntersville Lake on occasion. If they were drum, they weren't the ones I am familiar with. Now I'm interested enough to make another hike down in there with a fly rod. Tell you what, since my memory isn't going to be good enough to figure this out (my strongest impression being it looked like a shad head on a carp body), I'll go back down there this weekend if I get the chance and try to capture a photo of one of these things.

Are you familiar with the Paint Rock River? It begins in Tennessee south of Winchester and flows through Jackson County, AL to eventually hit the Tennessee River in upper Wheeler lake. The Nature Conservancy bought a big chunk of land in the headwaters to protect the area because of so many rare species being present. Most of the area is now part of Skyline Wildlife Management Area. It's an interesting place. Any way, I'll try to get a photo. Hopefully, they'll still bite a wooly bugger.

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