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We parked in the Alum Cave Trailhead parking lot and entered the creek right at the trailhead. There's a little bridge that goes over the creek...cross over, and there's very easy access to the creek. We walked the creek up a ways, rock-hopping til we got to the first good pool.

It was nice fishing...not too many tippet monsters to watch out for, but it does get a little tight every so often. There are some pretty deep pools that may hold bigger time I go I'll certainly try the advice I received from some of you about getting a nymph down deep.

I fished BWO's, then switched to Light Cahill's...both patterns producing a few hits. But, it seemed that, when I switched to a black ant, the brookies were much more aggresive.

14yearold fished a stimulator...a real "buggy" looking fly that worked great. He stayed with it all morning and caught fish all morning.

The young dude at LRO steered us in the right direction on our fly choices. Head in there to get the best info...not only will he tell you what flys are working...heck...he'll even sell 'em to you

Good luck and enjoy your trip!

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