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Default My first SLAM!!!

Started out this morning at Metcalf Bottoms and caught a 12" Bow in the first run I fished. *Kept moving upstream hoping for a Brown and finally got one. *It was the first Brown I've caught and my immediate reaction was to get in the car and go up high. *Went up towards the Chimneys and caught a Brookie on the first cast. *It was just that kind of day. *I have no idea how many I caught, but it was alot. *Pretty awesome day! *My biggest Bow was 8.5" until today, caught my first Brown, and completed the Slam. *I still can't believe it... *Kevin

By the way, I caught a fish at Metcalf that I've never seen. *It looked like a small Carp, with a brown back and solid silver sides. *Caught three of them at 6-7" each. *What was it?
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