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Default Re: Where are the big fish?

abrams creek-start at the campgrounds--smallmouth country--fish large nymphs--keep a tight line--cast into pockets next to swift water--abrams is a classic trout stream--look for trout behind large rocks that block the current of the stream and provide a little haven for rest and feeding--your nymph needs to go to the floor of the stream--bring it to the surface slowly--you will get most strikes as the nymph rises to the surface.have caught several 15 inchrainbows out of abrams--they say there are many 22' + rainbows and browns to be caught out of this beautiful stream--there is something about thiis stream that will get to you--it offers a chance to catch large trout,it flows swift then slow,the trout live on pocket water,near riffles,and in deep pools--the deep pools hold the large trout,if you can figure out how to fish nymphs or crayfish (flys) deep,on the bottom,then you will catch big time trout--Abrams is a relatively young stream--the water is nutrient rich for fish--there is no other stream like abrams in the park---abrams is a stream that flows water over siltty rocks--they are slick--makes wading tough--don't feel bad if you take a dip--the stream is forgiving--it snakes into the heart of the park--ending and starting at abrams falls.
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