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Default Re: Ideas for Labor Day Weekend

Hey SC,
A few more thoughts for you. First would be: get out early. Not many people out before 9:00 in my experience. If you park at the sinks you can access the Meigs creek trail. It has some nice brookies and is one of the streams which was previously closed. If the Little River is low you may be able to wade over to the mouth of Meigs, it is the waterfall you see downstream of the Sinks. I will warn you though it is awfully tight to my thinking.

another thought is to drive to the end of Tremont Road and head up either Lynn Camp Prong or if you go to the right you can fish up Thunderhead Prong. You will come across brookies on LCP above the falls. Thunderhead is a rainbow fishery, both should be shady and cool. Don't expect the size fish you will take from the stretch of Little River you fish, that has the highest concentration of big fish in the park.
For larger fish the Luftee as Plateau Angler said is a pretty good bet, but a pretty far drive from Townsend. Sunrise on Newfound Gap would be a beautiful sight along the way.
One more thought but a bit of a drive is Parson's Branch, probably not good for this weekend though because the bikers will be swarming like flies! Again though if you get there early, the bikers as a rule don't come out before 9:00. If you get there early you will far enough up the trail that you wont even hear them. Parsons branch is accessed by the foothills parkway to 129 and left toward NC. Pass the lakes, head up through deals gap. It crosses the road about 10 minutes from the lookout of Calderwood Dam.
Tight lines,
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