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Default Help please. *Will be there Friday.

Yikes! *Another Floridian about to invade the Volunteer State. *Nice game against Cal by the way. *I will arrive in Townsend on Friday the 8th to backpack / fish for 7 or 8 days. *Iíve been keeping up with all posts (primarily the one started by emp912) the last 2 weeks and that has given me good ideas for where to go. *What I thought I would do is hike to back country campsite and fish that area for a couple days. *Then back to the car and drive to next hike / camp area and do the same. After looking at maps I was surprised how few backcountry campsites there are where the trails actually follow the streams to be fished. I was going to hike to and camp at Elkmont and fish the Little River a couple of days or more. *Then hike up to campsite #24 and fish that area a couple of days. *Then back to car and drive over to the West Prong and camp at #18 and *fish there a couple of days. *Iíve never been to the Park and fished there before. I have fly fished before, mostly out west with all the room in the world to cast.

Does this sound like a viable plan? *

Any better suggestions on how and where to drive / hike / camp / *fish?

Should I spread my horizons and try to fish much more areas of the Park?

If Iím not having much luck with the fish in an area after throwing all I got at em all day should I stick it out the next day or drive or hike to a different area?

Most important question. *Can I leave my tent with backpack in it all zipped up and take off all day to fish with a good probability it will be there when I get back?

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Go Gators! *(Just joking guys)

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