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Default Re: Help please.  Will be there Friday.

If you are used to bigger western waters you may be in for a lil suprise in the park. For the most part forget about propper overhead flycasting,lol. Think lots of roll casting and side arm. Its easy if you are new here to get attractedto the the bigger water, many of witch look to be great trout water, but this time of year you will likely do better up higher where the creeks look tiny. Just looking at some of the small cricks you may at first think , no way anything worth catchin will be in there, but they is!
Look out for the yella jackets that live in the ground here, they are bad this year.I spent most of last week in bed after trying to rescue my 8 year old from them in the mountains while fishing. I was stung close to 100 times, gets kinda rough on the ol heart. If my boy ,also stung a good many times, hadnt been able to walk back the 2 1/2 miles to get my wife and a bottle of nitro for me, im not real sure i would have lived.If you are alergic to insect stings, it could be much worse. Just one more lil thing to keep in mind that some never think about. It sounds like you like hikeing, you may enjoy fishing the loop at Abram's. Stop in the fly shop and talk to the guys n gals, they are great and lots of help. LRO, is also one of the best stocked flyshops i have been into anywhere.
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