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Default Re: split shot...

I'll pretty much use split shot anytime I want to get a nymph deeper than 2-3 feet or I'm fishing in high water that has some speed to it. This is only the case when fishing nymphs usually size 10 or smaller. Just seems liek from my experience, even a #10 Bead Head w/o split shot just won't get down more than a couple of feet quick enough. Now if I go out and throw a Helgramite or some other ugly big fish fly, no split shot needed there. Throwing big stuff like that is like having a few split shot on your line, they get down deep just fine with no extra help. Good rule for me: If the water is crystal clear, that usually means its low and extra weight on nymphs isn't always necessary, if the water is stained like sweet tea or worse, then it's up some and I'll generally use split shot. Obviously this isn't always the case, but its a good starting point for me. One last thing, if your fishing w/o splitshot and not getting bites or snags, then thats a good sign your nymph isn't getting down deep enough.

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