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Default Re: October patterns

I tie mine with a light beadhead, so it dead drifts just before the surface. I'm usually fishing it up a ways in low water- in riffles. I use a small indicator bad eyes. I've decorated enough trees in the park with one fly at a time on the hook, let alone two. I've tried using nymphs off a dropper, but too many tangles and its not for me. When its time to fish terrestrials I usually do not fish lower streams(i.e. below Elkmont) due to water I'm not weighing it deep to fish deep.


Two suggestions- I tie a "fat bodied" version of a Renegade (as a dry beetle) that works extremely well in situations where I can not visually follow a beetle. Brown hackle one end, white on other end and built up peacock herl body in middle. Works great along quiet walkways between sugarlands and chimmeys when it gets into dark areas. *

Also I've been playing with a different version of green weenie. Beadhead with a chartruese vernille tied San Juan worm style. Both ends singed and one end *inside of bead tied on #12 Aberdeen hook. *The verdict is still out but I think it is just as effective as Traditional Green Weenie . I might convert to Green Weenie-V.2 next year. *:-/

Randy Sale
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