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Default Re: Another trip to Little River

I remember being at Elkmont one morning when it was really dark. i took off up the trail and when I was about 1/2 mile up the road I began hearing something following me beside the trail. I would stop and it would stop, I'd walk faster and it would keep up. I figured it was all my immagination and I tried to ignore it but it kept following me and sounded like it was getting closer to me. I finally decided to throw some rocks towards the noise and when I did I heard something run away . I figured this was the end of it so I took off up the trail again, but it kept following me. I had to chose weather to be a big baby and go back to the truck until daylight, or be a man and keep going. i chose to go back to the truck because i would rather be embarrassed by being a scardy cat, then to be a headline about a man eaten by a mountian lion-rattler-copperheaded-bear in the park . I never did figure out what that thing was but I'm sure that it was trying to stalk and eat me
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