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Default Re: October patterns

Hi Randy,

I have the same problem fishing the dropper technique and really don't like using it. It seems I spend more time untangling messes than I do fishing. I also have the same problems following anything subsurface without using an indicator. I like the idea of a beadhead over wrapping lead on the hook so I may just have to tie a few of them that way before heading down from Indiana. I have a few Renegades I can try also.

To be honest I really prefer using dry flies all the time but I also know it isn't always the best method. That Maine trip sounds interesting. We got to take our first, but hopefully not last, trip to Alaska this year. Between the Smokies and that I have become spoiled.

I'll watch for a report on Green Weenie-V.2. Thanks for the advice and best wishes on your trip.

Regards, gary <*))))><
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