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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Made it over to Snowbird last weekend and managed to fish a little Sunday and Monday. Sunday I fished from about 8:30 to 10:15 am (we had guests !) I found the fish to be in the deeper holes in slightly out of the way places. In other words; places that were just not right by the road. I caught fish on ants(14), beetles(14) and a bead head hare's ear nymph(16). No monsters, my best brown was an 11" fat wild fish and my best bow was a supercharged 13" fish which rose in slow motion and ate my yellow bodied foam beatle like it was a maraschino cherry,.............. then proceeded to rip up the run like only a rainbow can do! A nice test for the 4 wt. I was fishing. Monday was actually a bust, fished my 6 wt with streamers in the off color (but low) water, donated a bunch of streamers to the cause and got nothing for it. Tiime may have been a factor as I didnt start until 11:00 am and called it a day by 1:00 pm.
Water was very low but cool and slightly off color. I hope it rose some with all of the rain we had Monday and Tuesday. Won't be long til the big browns start prowling around mauling things prior to spawning!
Tight lines,
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