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I find myself using splitshot all the time - in the park and tailwaters - I like the dark green coated, non-lead stuff - can't remember the name off hand, maybe dinnesmore (?), but its egg shape and I think its it works just fine in all water clarities - though you really have to crip em on with floro...
I do like wieghted fly for highsticking - though I've used shot and an unweighted fly and you get the feeling that there is not a "direct" connection to what the fly is really doing and as a result miss some takes..though sometimes in higher/faster water I'll end up putting a shot with a wieghted fly...
In pocket water, shot can be joy or pain - it'll get you down in the swift, small bowls - but getting snagged is constant, have to vary the wieght I suppose or high stick.
And lastly, I like using a shot with emergers - dust that fly up with some frogs fanny and fish the bottom colum up and "teather" you fly from the shot like a kite on a string when you see bottom to mid level feeders - taking off the tin when there is more action just sub / or on the great for the emerging black flies on the Clinch...
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