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Default Re: Two good days...

I'm sure this won't be much of a suprise, but we ended up not camping at #18. By the time we got back and had a bite to eat, time was getting sketchy. Not to mention I think we both were starting to chicken out a little. Mountaineers we are not. It started out that there would be four of us, then that dropped to two, with another guy from the board already supposed to be there. With the weather we were not sure if he would be there either. So it came down to just Mark and myself and that just wasn't good enough.

Back to your question... We fished lower elevation stuff and were sucking at it yet again, so we decided to go back to old faithful (Tremont). We caught plenty of bows and headed home around 2pm.

Are you feeling better? I'm looking forward to a Deep Creek trip soon... I may be able to fish Sunday, but I won't know until late Saturday. I'm out of town next weekend, but after that I should be in good shape. Maybe Clinch, HI, Deep Creek, or 'Luftee...

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