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went to abrams creek today, saw another bear on the back end of the loop. I pulled over and watched it a while. there were 4 of them actually, and one of them was HUGE. all the bears I've ever seen in the park have been pretty small. maybe about the size of a saint bernard. this bad boy was a monster. the others were smaller, and one or two I think were older cubs. but of course people kept walking up to them. this one guy got about 10 yards from the big one. I usually carry a big knife when I go fishing, and I've often wondered if I could kill a bear if it attacked me. well, about a month ago, there was a story in the news about a man (can't remember where) who was hiking when a bear attacked his dog. he jumped on the bears back and stabbed it to death. so I guess it can be done.

here, I found a link to the story
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