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Default Re: Traditional Smoky Mtn patterns

Anybody use Mr. Lowe's traditional patterns or other native Smoky Mtn flies while fishing around the Smokies? Seems kinda cool to catch wild fish, esp. brookies, on locally derived flies. Ordered Lowe's book and eager to try some. Any experiences welcomed.
It's not exactly what you're asking for, but I was fishing on the Crowsnest River in Canada last week and caught my best fish (14"+ rainbow) on a #14 "Secret Weapon" I had tied up for my trip to the Smokies last year. The fish was deep, but the water's so clear that I could see his side flash as he was working. I don't carry a lot of nymphs on that water, but just happened to have a couple of those in the box and figured it wouldn't hurt to throw him something he likely hadn't seen.

It took a couple of casts to get the proper depth, but when I did, he took it right away.

Here's a pic of what the fly looks like. (Hope I did this right.)

I guess I should introduce myself. I've been lurking for a while on the board. I live in Wimberley, Texas, but love to travel to various fly-fishing waters when I get a chance. My wife's hobby is photography, so we work well together. Trout live in beautiful places, and she likes taking pictures of beautiful places.

She's originally from Canada, so we have made a few trips there, plus we made it out to Yellowstone a few years back, and we spent a few days in Townsend earlier this year. But the best trip of all was last year when I went to North Carolina. I rented a cabin for a week on Big Snowbird and spent a couple of days hiking above Junction, and the rest of the time in the Smokies.

I'm planning to get back there next year.

So, that's how I came to lurk on this fine board. I doubt I'll have much to offer, but I love soaking up all the info y'all provide.

Chuck Vance
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