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Default Re: Saturday above Tremont

Well, you all I'm gonna have to wipe my misty eyes from all the emotion stirred up from the comments on here. If you all just could tell my wife how nice I am

Seriously, I'm game for anyone to tag along. In fact the older I get the more young folks I need around me so I can fish all the dangerous places and still have someone go for help.

Probably won't fish much next weekend. Planning on going to Lefty's party at LRO Sunday afternoon. I have to pick up my wife at the airport at 11 pm Sunday night. I might fish somewhere on Little River either one of the three forks after I'm done at LRO. Probably just fish three four hours until dark. If anyone will be at LRO on Sunday between noon and about 3 pm or so talk to me and we can go wet a line.
I'm almost bald, ugly, and drive an old beat up Ford Ranger. I will probably wear a Trout related T-shirt and ball cap, and as soon as I open my mouth you know it's me because of my funny foreign accent.
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