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Default Re: Slickrock Creek-getting there!

Stiffknee trailhead is at the Far gap parking area on Doublecamp road, which is off Citico creek road. Go past Indian boundary to you come to Citico creek and follow the creek to the 1st bridge ( there was/is a camping area past the bridge on the right, not sure about the camping area since the flood back in the early nineties) once you cross the bridge turn right and your on Doublecamp road, go about 10 miles ( more or less) and when the road makes a very hard left with a parking area for a few cars on the left that is Far gap. The trail only goes a little ways and forks, take the left fork it follows a ridge and drops down to a saddle then turns right and follows little Slickrock creek to Slickrock creek. From there you can go a couple of miles down to lower falls or upstream to wildcat falls. It's been several years since I fished it but I always had better luck upstream from where Nichols cove creek comes in. Good luck and if snakes are still out be carefull, seen more rattlers and copperheads on this creek than anywhere else in 26 years of trout fishing.
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