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Default Smokies Weekend Report

I decided I just had to go fish somewhere this weekend and decided at the last minute to run up to Townsend for the weekend. Got there around 5ish on Friday and set up camp at Elkmont. I decided to fish LR for an hour or 2 Friday evening below Metcalf and did very well, catching probably 15 fish. My 3rd fish was a 13 inch brown and I thought it probably couldn't get any better. All fish on Friday were caught on an Isonychia nymph.
On Saturday, I decided to explore a bit. I had never fished over at Greenbriar before so I drove over there and started fishing up from the Ramsey Cascades trailhead. I caught 40+ fish, about 50/50 'bows and brooks. Most of the fish were caught on a bh Tellico. Later in the day, the action died on the nymph but I tied on a Stimulator and started catching them again. The fish were in feeding mode. I had several good rainbows in the 9-11 inch range that I spotted out feeding and they would charge the fly as soon as it hit the water. Some fish I even stung and missed, cast back and nailed them!
I hiked back out around 3:30 and moved back over to Little River. I spent awhile watching some good browns out feeding, one of which even rose a couple of times. I decided to try back near where I caught the 13 inch fish again and see if another would hit. I had a bh Tellico on and cast up to the top of a pool. The fly sunk quickly and suddenly my fly line just stopped. I quickly set the hook and a little while later had a nice 16 inch brown to hand. I moved down to try the lower part of the pool and caught one before moving back to the top. Same thing happened again! My fly line stopped and I set the hook hard but nothing moved. I thought it was a snag so I jerked again and this time it started moving. I worked in another good brown, this one was 17 inches long!
Those were my two largest browns to date in the park (yeah, I know they would be bait for those "real" big fish ). It was definately a great weekend!
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