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Default Re: Late September fishing on S.Holsten

Wow, I didn't expect so much help so quickly. I wanna thank everybody that's responded to my post. I have heard of the above mentioned guides and will certainly keep them in mind. The only reason I'm hesitant getting one riight now is I've got a few other fishing 'irons' in the fire . Like I said, I know full well the value of a guide on new water. I'm putting together plans to take a weeklong trip to the Mountain Home area of Arkansas the last week of October. Been about five years scince I have been to that area. That, along with a few projects on the domestic front and I'm lucky to get to just go. I've not gotten to go fishing scince the first week of July so, I'm needing some fresh air and some moving water.

Once again, thanks to the reply's. What a great site here at LRO.

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