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Default Re: Fished all three prongs of Little River Sunday

Hello Hans,

What is geography, that's right I took one quarter of it one summer at Ohio State i talked with my boss today about taking a long weekend during the first week or to in October and he is on board. I have some extra hours from a Saturday that I worked in early August so I plan on leaving a little early on a Thursday and start making my way towards the Smokies. I will have to setup camp in the dark, but thats no big deal. I am leaning towards camping at Elkmont so I can fish the LIttle River and some of its headwaters, plus I will be close to the West Prong, etc. Plan on fishing Friday thru Sunday afternoon, then head back to western Tn. I will be watching the weather, as I don't wanna head that way if its a rainy weekend when I only have 3 days to fish. Hope to beat the leaflooker rush hour and still enjoy some good brookie and maybe some brown fishing. I'll let you know when I decide to head that way.

Have fun, and keep teasin them Smoky trout

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