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Default Re: Slickrock Creek-getting there!

I have backpacked/camped/fished back on Slick-Rock three times and fished it twice more, it can be tough but rewarding. All browns (probably know that) above the first falls about a mile above the lake. If its a day trip go early, you can take your time hiking in and not wear yourself out. I would park right by the bridge which crosses Calderwood res (below Cheoah dam). Since it is browns, you want to be the first on the creek, once spooked a brown seems to be done for a long time.
Start up the trail along the lake for about a 1/4 mile as I recall, watch for the Yellowhammer Gap trail which cuts up to the left, this is a steep trail (wish I had a map here) about 2 miles. Yellowhammer will bring you out above the first or second waterfall, lots of good water upstream, several campsites near where the trail hits the creek. In either direction you will have many stream crossings if you are packing. Very remote country, unless there are others back there!
Good day though. If someone could drop you and leave a car at Big Fat Gap parking area that would be good, you could fish upstream and hike out Big Fat Gap, wouldn't have to back-track.
Good luck and have fun. Go see the poplar cove if you have the time.
The lower stretch from the lake to the first falls may be good this time of year with spawing browns for the Calderwood, don't know but a pretty good bet.
Another thought is Big Santeetlah in the Joyce Kilmer, larger creek and typically lightly fished. Get a map and find the road that leads to the backcountry of B.S. Very pretty stream and some monster browns there as well.
Tight lines,
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