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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Hey Plateau Angler,
I do specifically target them in the winter, a couple of tactics seem to work pretty well. Keep in mind Snowbird does not have any really deep runs, six or eight feet is about as deep as I am fishing. I fish a sink tip line (teeny mini-tip) with streamers( olive or black or brown (bh or ch) wooly buggers or your favorite); allow a slight belly in the line to keep it taught ( you will feel the strike and be able to set the hook before the fish spits it) You can either toss it to the head of a riffle going into a deeper hole and follow it back with a dead drift or allow the belly. The other tactic is to toss it slightly down and across so that it will cross the likely spot. I caught my best fish to date last winter after having dead drifted the streamer through the run 8 or 10 times....nothing. I had seen a swirl there though that didnt look like current, so just for grins I tried swinging it through the run right from the head of the main flow over a break into the tailout. The fly didn't travel 3 or 4 feet before it stopped (presumably hung) I struck though, (as I am want to do!) and he opened up a hole the size of a truck tire! (like the swirl I had seen!) I was using about 5' of leader tapered to 3x flourocarbon and a six weight rod (normally only use this rod in the winter,high water, or for smallies)[img]
I hope that worked, not too sure yet.
The other way I like to go after them is with a big biot bug (size 8 or larger)or stone fly about 4 feet below a big indicator, I will drip a glow bug off the back or the stone. Some days they like the stone some days they like the glow bug. Browns seem to like the glow bug, they must be hanging behind the steelies feeding on loose eggs. Usually the current bring it to the surface after the drift, sometimes the hit then. I probably missed something, ask any other questions you like.
tight lines,
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