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Default Re: Snowbird Creek and Neighboring Creeks

Thanks for the compliment on the fish, I may never get another that size, but if I caught that one, there must be others, and I have heard of steelies up to 31"!
Yes, 143 will get you to the Tellico river, 42 miles (Cherohala Skyway; beautiful drive) from the turnoff to the Joyce Kilmer and yes there are campsites up on Big Snowbird. I will warn you though they are generally a mess or at least the ones I was in yesterday were. Why do people have to be such pigs? I tried to fish some eddies up there yesterday........... because I was there, the creek was definately blown out though! I would bet today it is high and clearing up, tomorrow the fishing will probably awesome.................. and I will be working . Such is life though.
As for the Nantahala, below the powerhouse; no have not fished it, either the current or previous state record brown came from that water. Well I have fished the dh section and have fished the area around the park and on down to the NOC. Caught alot of small fish in the big Nan. I would bet the big browns are stirring around there now though.
If I can be of any more help, let me know.
Tight lines,
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